About Us

Planting walnuts is a family business, designed as a long-term investment, which aims to obtain a product with a unique nutritional profile: quality protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, many vitamins and minerals.

From the “Magic Tree” is used both the fruit (core, oil) as food, as well as the peels, leaves and shaft, used in the pharmaceutical industry (teas, creams) and chemical (dye for hair dye or clothes).

Daily consumption of 30 grams (7 nuts) of core ensures the health and proper functioning of the brain, heart, lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol and the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer), increases immunity and keeps bones healthy.

The content of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus, vitamins C, K, E and B, Omega3 fatty acids, make walnut kernels, in combination with bee honey, an almost complete food.

The cultivated area is +50 hectares, the first trees, brought from France, being planted in 2012.

The high-performance irrigation system, provided by Netafim, but also the works executed correctly, on time and … with a lot of heart, made us obtain the first production in 2020.

Walnuts will be delivered in shell, dried, packed in bags, at the request of customers, depending on the quantity.

We will also deliver fresh walnuts in green peel, only in October. This is a delicacy: remove the green peel, break the walnut, extract and serve the fragile and oily core.